Documenting life's milestones

Friends of mine from college reached out to us for maternity photos back when Joey and I first started Your Adventure Partners. I was super excited to reconnect and they met us down in Boca Raton, Florida at the crack of dawn to capture some beautiful sunrise shots. Over a year later, and a newborn photoshoot in between, we had the opportunity of taking some sweet family photos at a local park.

Growing with our clients (who really are our friends) is so amazing. The fact that we were able to photograph baby Sawyer in momma's belly, as a newborn, and now as a growing child is just such a privilege to me! That's a huge part of why I personally love being a photographer -- Building relationships and documenting milestones as memories that will last lifetimes through pictures.

Now, our friends are moving across the country and although we are sad to see them leave we are excited for them and their new adventures that await. Happy to share some of the photos we recently captured here on our blog not as a goodbye but a "see you later friends!" :)