Stylized Elopement at Brandywine Falls in Ohio

While visiting family in Ohio for the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to take advantage of the different scenery and set up a stylized elopement photoshoot. Thank God for the internet because we were able to connect with a fellow photographer, Shanmari Shehaji, for a fabulous morning of shooting at Cuyahoga Valley National Park! Luckily her husband was happy to model as was Joey and so we traded time photographing each other. The results... fantastic!

It was a cold and cloudy morning with bits of sunshine peeking out to say hello now and then. In the days leading up to our shoot, I was praying it would snow for us but unfortunately it didn't. On the way to Brandywine Falls, I was rehearsing the timeline of the photoshoot out loud and realized when I said "and then we'll shoot the cake cutting and details..." I FORGOT THE DANG CAKE! So, instead of being a half hour early to explore our location options, we had to turn back and grab our chocolate peanut butter cake we bought the night before from, guess where? Giant Eagle my friends! Yup, and it was delicious :) Word to the wise, always check with your models and/or clients if they have any specific food allergies prior to. I did the night before and luckily we all were pb & chocolate lovers.

What else do I love?! The way these photos turned out! I smiling from ear to ear right now as I type this because I'm so happy with the final products we can present and share with the world. We love collaborating with fellow creatives and it was so much fun searching for props and planning out the details of the shoot. Check out some of my favorite photos from our stylized elopement session below!

Although we all wanted to get some stellar shots right in front of the falls, we weren't able to due to safety reasons - don't break the law folks and always respect mother nature. Sometimes ya gotta think outside the box when things don't go according to plan. We made it work and ended up getting some great content for our portfolio and made new photography friends in Ohio!