Behind the Scenes - A Gorgeous Sunset Proposal at the Beach

I absolutely adore proposals! A proposal is a defining moment. When a couple is taking the next step in their relationship and truly deciding to commit to each other for life. The time leading up to a proposal can be ridden with anxiety for the person who is popping the question, so we love being able to provide assistance and guidance to help alleviate stress and make it effortless.

Nick contacted us months in advance to help him plan the perfect proposal to his long time girlfriend, Carly. They had worked with us for a Valentine's Day themed photoshoot the year before and were such a lovely couple, so I was beyond ecstatic to help coordinate the special day. Joey and I met with Nick in secret to discuss ideas and formulate an action plan so that Carly would have zero suspicions. We decided that I would reach out to her to ask if they'd be willing to work with us for another styled photoshoot which we could use for marketing, it worked like a charm!

Luckily, we have loads of accessories we've gathered over time to create beautiful scenes for our shots. However, we like to make each one extra special and so we scoured the town to find some unique lanterns and candle holders to really set the tone for romance. Joey and I visited the shoot location, a small beach in Boca Raton, Florida, beforehand to check out the lighting and scene options. This spot was significant because it was where Nick and Carly had their first date *swoon!*. From this, we were able to suggest the perfect time for our "styled shoot" where we would get a gorgeous beach sunset.

I laid out the entire set on the floor of our living room, candles and all, just to make sure it would be perfect and sent it to Nick for approval. It looked amazing! The day before the proposal, Nick brought over the ring so that we could hide the box (which was much larger than expected lol!) in a plant we were using as a prop. We had to use wire cutters to cut some flowers out to ensure the box would remain hidden, and then it fit just right ;)

The day of the proposal, we were all excited! Joey and I arrived early to lay out the blanket, lanterns, candles, twinkle lights, and rose petals. It looked so dreamy and romantic. Nick and Carly arrived and were ready to shoot. We could tell he was nervous just like all men get, but when he got down on one knee to propose there was nothing but love in his eyes. She was shocked and smitten and of course she said yes!

We spent the reset of the evening taking beautiful golden light photos of them laughing, kissing, dancing, and poppin' champagne to celebrate. One of Carly's friends even came to congratulate the newly engaged couple and it was just such a sweet moment to be a part of.

Life-changing occasions like proposals are just as important to capture on camera as weddings are. We love assisting with planning in any way possible and can help ensure the process is super easy and carefree. Our goal, as always, is to make amazing memories last a lifetime and beyond. So that these special moments can be captured, shared, and passed down for years and years with family and friends.

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite photos from Nick & Carly's beautiful beach proposal!